Thursday, 18 July 2013

My beauty wish list

Considering I'm currently very much reliant on the pocket money my dad gives me each month to fund my makeup habits, usually I steer clear of the department stores and head over to Boots instead. For that reason I thought that it would be fitting to post my makeup wishlist because, well, if I can't actually buy the things nothing's stopping me fantasize about owning them! 

I've compiled a list of 5 items that I dream about owning on a regular basis:

1: Bobbi Brown corrector 

When I first began to take an interest in makeup I purchased Bobbi Brown's book 'Beauty Rules', I love the company's principles and although I've never had the pleasure of owning one of their products the shining reviews I've read have definitely tempted me! Bobbi Brown's corrector is often talked about in the beauty world and my quest for light flawless makeup has led me towards this product. Advertised as a 'A wakeup call for tired eyes' it's definitely top on my want list especially at the moment as my sleeping pattern is pretty non existent.  

2: It's A 10 Miracle Leave In Product

You-tube is definitely the root of this want, everyone that tries this product raves about it or at least everyone that I've watched. My hair currently is in a state of neglect, it lacks moisture and general pizazz so I think this product would do wonders for my hair which I often long to swap for thick wavy locks. The product itself it suppose to deliver the following results: 'repairs, adds shine, tames frizz, protects color, detangles, prevents split ends, curbs breakage, softens, boosts body, and protects hair from heat'. I doubt it delivers on all these things but the reparative nature of this product is cause enough for a stop on my list. 

3: Bioderma 

Along with my hair my skin could do with a bit more effort in the care department but alas, everything that works appears to be a little out of my budget.. I'm literally kicking myself about not picking a bottle of this up when I went to Paris last year because the price seems to double as soon as you cross the border into the UK! I'm lazy taking my makeup off and often use cleansers which advertise their makeup removing qualities, these however never seem to ring true as I often wake up with black smudges from the previous days mascara. Positive reviews claim Bioderma removes 'EVERYTHING' and that sounds like a promising prospect! 

4: 'SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL' Bronze Universel Bronzing Makeup Base

I'm pale, I wouldn't call myself 'porcelain pale' but let's put it this way, I'm either white or red which makes bronzers useful, particularly in the summer. A hate has recently sprouted deep within me for all face products containing glitter, alongside this hate, a passion for all face makeup not in powder form has blossomed which makes finding drugstore bronzers a difficult task. It appears if I want a bronzer that meets these two specifications, high end is the direction I will have to take. 

5: Powder Pop by BeneFit Cosmetics Travel Set

I'm pretty sure this product is discontinued but a girl can dream right? I LOVE benefit boxed blushes, although I currently own 0 from what I've heard and seen they look to die for. I particularly want to try the 'dandelion' blush but I don't want the commitment of one box so 'coralista', 'dandelion' & 'dallas' all in one travel sized palette seems perfect! I do own the hoola bronzer by benefit so I'll be interested to try the dallas bronzer and compare the two. 

I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope that wherever you are you have a lovely day!


  1. # 2 & # 3 are great products! love both of these products! just wish Bioderma was easier to obtain in the states! Great wishlist! :)

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    1. The things I would do to find a bottle of Bioderma at my local drugstore! I'm in the states at the moment actually so I'm hoping to grab a bottle of 'It's a ten' whilst I'm out here :) xx